JB Schroeder


Location: Maryland Romance Writers Stage

JB Schroeder
JB Schroeder attended Penn State knowing she wanted to be an author (eventually). With a degree in creative writing, she landed a job at a publisher in New York City. Not in editing, but in production, which led to design, which fed her creative soul and her bookshelves for a long time.

Eventually she returned to writing and discovered RWA and NJRW in 2000, even as her husband and her grew their family and built their careers. In time, she was able to make writing more of a priority. She's proud to have celebrated her debut and first romantic suspense, RUNAWAY, in 2015, and then her second (the start of another series) novel UNHINGED in 2016.

Her stories have been called gritty, although she's still not sure that's exactly the right adjective. She tends to blend suspense and romance, yet there's an element of women's fiction, a certain something that is hard to pin down. Whether there's a name for it, or not, she hopes you enjoy her books, and they leave something memorable behind.


Sept 28-30, 2018
Fri - Sun: 11am - 7pm
Baltimore Inner Harbor

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