Mary K. Tilghman

Divided Loyalities

Location: Maryland Romance Writers Stage

Mary K. Tilghman
Mary K. Tilghman spent 35 years as a journalist, always chasing facts, figures and quotes.Then she discovered fiction. Facts are still nice but now she could make it all up! History adds a little fact to her fiction.

She wrote her first novel Divided Loyalties,  during National Novel Writing Month in 2015. She's done her research. She's created characters she hated to leave. She's rewritten, revised, edited, polished. Meanwhile, she has two more stories in the works.

Her husband and her have three grown children. She also travels often and writes a blog detailing her wanderings.

She's also a member of the Romance Writers of America and Maryland Romance Writers.

Volunteer Information

Sept 28-30, 2018
Fri - Sun: 11am - 7pm
Baltimore Inner Harbor

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