The Authors' Tent is a marketplace of local and regional, published and self-published authors signing and selling their books.

Authors' Tent

Shifa Ahmed

Ink Blots

James Alexander

If words could talk what might they say? Poems to whom it may concern

Shirley Auguste

Bad Girl Gone Good - Learning to Trust

Bwana Awetse

A Sea of Plight and Pure Joy of The GOLD COAST BOY

Wendy Bailey

Alex's Ten-Dollar Adventure

Mary Banks

Street Magic: Stories and Tales

Tonya Barbee

The Little Girl Inside Owning My Role in My Own Pain

Nickey Barber

I Choose You Again

Gina Bates

Brown, Preface: Prof. Mudimbe, Duke University

Frank Bennett

Encounter with The Aberdeen Wildman, A true story

Emily Bentz

The Knights in Shining Spandex

Linda Blake

Dealing With the Truth

Denise Blum

Anything is Possible: The Ben Carson Story

Charnee Bowens

Withholding Nothing

Kathleen Bravo

Jamaican Steppers

Lauren Brown

Destiny Zero Origins – The Great Awakening

Emily Cammille

Amelie and Ali

Khara Campbell

Not My Will, Island Girl, Purple Tears, Bahama Love

Michele Campbell

Have you ever?

Renee Campbell

Have you ever?

Mark Carp

Segalvitz, The Extraordinary times of Ordinary People, The End of Hell, Cain, Abel and the Family Cohen and Abraham: the Last Jew

Julie Castillo

Eat Local for Less: The Ultimate Guide to Opting Out of Our Broken Industrial Food System

Katye Anne Clark
BG (Ret) Julia Cleckley

A Promise Fulfilled: My Life as a Wife and Mother, Soldier and General Officer

Gregg Clemmer

Valor in Gray: The Recipients of the Confederate Medal of Honor

Mark C. Collins

Harry's Hair, Ben's Day, Meet The Bugs, Grandma Stinks!

Brandyn Cooper

Venomous Lives

Casey Curry


Patty Cyrus

From Farmer to F.A.M.E.

James F Dargon

Beetle and Lady Bug

Athena Dent

Silk & One of a Kind Love

Nicole Dorman

I Fought Like a Girl and I Won!

Maurice W. Dorsey, Ph.D.

Businessman First Remembering Henry G. Parks, Jr. 1916-1989 Capturing the Life of a Businessman Who Was African American, A Biography

Robert Douglas

The New Souls of Black Folk

Sabin Duncan

Assuming Hurts: A Novel by Sabin Prentis

Kirby Elaine

Healing Wounds

Jon K. Elliott

On the Run in College Park

Dick Ellwood

Cop Stories: The Few, The Proud, The Ugly & Charm City's Blue Justice

Tracey Fagan-Danzey

Jasper’s Café on the Boulevard

Imhotep Fatiu

UrBan Philosophy: thought and behavior system

Pamela Felder

Love, Pain and Then there was ME!

Beth Ferry

Stick and Stone, Land Shark

Pamela Fitch

Endless Possibilities

Trish Foxwell

Images of Maryland: A Journey, Natural Maryland: A photo journal/Literary Journey

Jennifer Foxworthy

Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come: Memoirs of Women Who Survived Domestic Violence

Sydney Francis

Steps to Ascension

Lewis Freimark

Soccer Tales

Tasha Fuller

It's Bath Time Baby

Alyssa Gangeri

Mimi’s Adventures in Baking

Zekeh Gbotokuma


Tiffany Gibbs

The Moon

Shawn Gilleylen

Success with Etiquette: Book of Etiquette

Antonio Gilyard

Bartholomew Nelson and the World of Zathya: The Prince and the Heir

Rebecca Glenn

Becoming Lisette: A Novel

Dolores Goins

Seasons of Myself: An Anthology

Roberta Gore

Amazing, Grace

Ben Greenberg

Natural Virginia

Shawn Gunn

Heima: The Ninth Kostir

Lee Harrison

Indian Key

Darren Harvey Sr.

Lies Hidden in Darkness, Unforgivable Lies, Wrong Woman at the Wrong Time

Lozetta Hayden

My Alphabet Nightmare & My Alphabet Adventure

Kourtney Heintz

The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts

Oumar Hill

The Passion With-in

Lucy Hoopes

A Ginseng Cure; Persephone's Return

Melody Hope

The Jeremy Series

Aria James

Hearts of Larceny

Andrew Jarvis

The Strait

Lina Jay

Paris & London

Edward Jefferson

What Do You Fear? Book 3: Dark Hearts

Jerome Jewell

On The Balcony: Rapture and Ruptures

Becky Johnson


Frank Johnson

The Lady Honey

Lynette Johnson

Love, Laughter, Hurt, Life…

Brandi Jones


Natalie Jones

Of Fear and Faith, Death and Destiny Trilogy, Book 1 and Heat, Hunt, Hope, Winged Warriors Series, Book 2

Lynda Jones-Burns

A Complicated Love Song

Latoya Jones-Frazier

Contending for Faith

Abigail Lee Justice

Bound by Her Master, Second Chances, A Good Day

Rochelle Karina


Matthew Kastel

The Manager's Daughter

Nydia Kastre

Oliver and Friends Great Grape Adventure

Nancy Kindhart Lodge

The Crystal Navigator

Agi Kiss

The Cheetah Who Wouldn’t Run

John Laube

Nobody Rides For Free: A Hitchhiker's Memoir

Phyllis Lawson

Quilt of Souls

Thomas Long

High Society Gangster

Alia Luria

Compendium: Artifacts of Lumin Book One

Tammy Lyons

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven's Door

Lia Mack

Waiting for Paint to Dry

Tyreen Maddox

Looking Back: My Story Told, Based on True Life Events

Reana Malori

Escape to Heaven, Redemption, Weekend Fling

Gerard Marconi

Searching for Paradice

Charles Mark

Spiritual Intelligence and the Neuroplastic Brain

Eddie Mark

The Garden of Unfortunate Souls

Janice Mavis

Feelings Inside of Me

Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes

A Woman's Game

Shani McIlwain

Sharing My Mess

Kathy Miller

Chippy Chipmunk: Friends in the Garden

Tiffany Moree

Escaping Bondage

Shannon Morgan

100 Things to Do in Washington, DC, Before You Die

Kimberley Mullins

The Friend and Family Connection: Get Unplugged

Jola Naibi

Terra Cotta Beauty

Susan Naimark

The Education of a White Parent

Jennifer NeToi


Lakia Nichole

Number One Fan

Susan Nystrom

Life in the Hand of an Extraordinary God

Elizabeth Oladele

The Heirloom

Dr. Taneisha L. Osborne Osborne

The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 1) & The Hip Hop Lectures (Volume 2)

Alice Paige

Deceitful Vows

Khari Parker

Lost Curriculum: What School Didn’t Teach Us About Personal Finance

William Peak

The Oblate’s Confession

Dionne Peart

Somerset Grove

Howard Perkins

Pieces of a Puzzle

Carol Phillips

52 Simple Ways to Health

Barbara Pinkney

The Other Side of Light, My Beginning Won’t Determine My Ending, The Magic White Hat & Get Off my Field

Sharon Polk

Hidden Secrets, from the Beauty for Ashes Saga

Rosa “Rambling Rose” Pryor Trusty

African-American Community, History & Entertainment in Maryland (Remembering the Yesterdays; 1940-1980)

Saafir Rabb

Hajj: From Adam to Abraham

Robert Raker


Jessica Reid


Samantha Rey

Every Beat and Every Choice

Whitni Richardson

The Story of Leggs: I'm Being Bullied

Christopher Ringo
Cathleen Rogers

Can you find the abcs?

Kenneth Rogers

The Diary of Oliver Lee

James Rollins

ii-V-I: A JassOdyssey

Tonya Royston

Shadows at Sunset

Tamar Samuels

These Moments, A Collection of Short Stories

Chanel Savage

Savage Sisters 1&2

Andrena Sawyer

The Long Way Home

Granville Sawyer

College in Four Years: Making Every Semester Count

Brenda Scott-Coleman

Bren-Dee…A Child Who Survived on Bookmarks

Richard Seldin

Below the Line in Beijing

Justin Settles

30 Jewels: Master the Game of Life

Tonya Sharp Hyche

Trick Play, Swept Away, Breathless, Intersection of Lies, Glass Shadow, Faded Memories, Data Bank and the Just for You Trilogy: Just for You, Fearless and Painted Fear

Meredith Shaw

The Swordmaker's Daughter: The Poisoned Prince

Patricia Shultheis

St. Bart's Way

Adriana & George Sifakis

S.W.A.K., a novel of ultimate betrayal

Lauren Silberman

Wild Women of Maryland

Ashly E. Smith

Attributes of an Aquarius

Florence Smith

"Afghanistan: 179 Days of Teachable Moments”

Toki Smith

The Plan

Peggy Stankiewicz

Demons & Pearls

Spencer Stephens

Church of Golf

David Stinson

Deadball, A Metaphysical Baseball Novel College Baseball Primer

Haikeem Stokes

At 12, After

Aida Sun Q

The Rainbow Resource: The Must-have Media List for Maidens Becoming Mammas, Mavericks, Mavens and MaQicWomen

Kyle Taylor

Fate’s Destiny

Peta-Gaye Taylor

To Get a Job Blessing

John Thomas

It's Not the Kids; It's the Parents

Thom Thomas

Give or Take a Pebble: The Beginning, "...give or take a shilling”

Zena Thomas

The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Getting the Job

Chris Tidball

Swoop & Squat

Chip Trimmier

The Devil's Machine

Nimisha Trivedi

The Lucky Scarf

Stacey Trombley


Rashawnda Ungerer

The Hard Way

Stephanie Verni

Baseball Girl, Beneath the Mimosa Tree

Adrienne Vincent Sutton

Bad Hair Day

D.L. Wainright

The Hollow Sun

CQ Wilder M.ED

Karla the Dog:Deep-Sea Adventure

Alonza Williams

The Canary With the Broken Wing

Dottye Williams

Andrew's Gift and the Untold Miracles in Bethlehem

Gee Williams

The Secret of Christopher Topher

Diane Witherspoon

Madison's Adventures

Selma Wolkow

Love Loss and Remembrance: A Poetry Anthology

Cori Wright


Mary Wright

Anything is Possible: The Ben Carson Story

Tiffany Wright

The Funding is Out There!

Will Wyckoff

Birds on a Wire & Rabbit Trails

Zena Xenae

Cruel Awakening



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