The Authors' Tent is a marketplace of local and regional, published and self-published authors signing and selling their books.

Authors' Tent

2014 Participants:

Friday, September 26
Sadiq Ali, Millionaire Manners: The Men's (and Boy's) Guide to Social Grace in the New Age
Gloria Allen, Smoke in the Kitchen
Melissa Annen, Agent Raines: The Case of the Madman of the Midwest
Robert Armstrong, Footprints to Nowhere
Sessha Batto; Shadow Wolf, Strength of Will, Geisha
Dan Bonner, Gifted: An Extraordinary Journey Through Illness and Liver Transplantation
Sue Collins & Nancy Taylor Robson, OK Now What? A Caregiver’s Guide to What Matters
Sandy Crawford; Buckets for Boots, The Pink Spider
Randall Elliott, Moonscape: Thoughts of War
Shantale Finnerty, Enticing Taboos
Frances Frost, Life in Spades
Bernadette Gesser, Bob the Big Bad Bluefish
Candy Grant, The Pigs Did It!
Leslie Grant, TongueTwits Flash Card Game
E.C. Hansen, The Epic of Chair
Angela Harris; Mommy, What is a CEO?
Lozette Hayden, My Alphabet Nightmare
Michelle Jones, As the Deer Pants for Streams of Water
Renny Leigh; My Fire is My Playground, Black Widow
Odile Koudou, The Blessing Legacy
Jennifer Lang Boehl; That’s Mine Sissy, Spirit Hunters
Liz DeJesus; First Frost, Glass Frost, The Jackets, Night Gypsy
Joseph Lorick, Did Everything But Think: D.E.B.T.
Krissy Mach Atchsion, Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey Surfs Australia
Melissa March, Love You to Death
Leon Opio, Vengeance is Mine
Bobbie Palmer; The Baltimore Butcher, The Zippi Stories, Lucy’s Wolverine
Eliot Parker; Breakdown at Clear River, Making Arrangements
Rosa “Rambling Rose” Pryor-Trusty; African-American Community, History & Entertainment in Maryland (Remembering the Yesterdays 1930-1980)
Vonda Delisa Reed, Reflections from the Heart
J.A. Rollins, ii-V-I: A JassOdyssey: Book 1
Andy Straka; A Witness Above, A Killing Sky, Cold Quarry
Gary Vincent; Darkened Hills, Darkened Hollows, Darkened Waters, Darkened Souls
Ryan Williams, Scattered Thoughts

Saturday, September 27
John Bartkowiak, Bardzo Dobry: East Baltimore's Community (1870 - 1950) and the Family Bartkowiak
Cheryl Barton, Bachelor Not For Sale
K.L. Brady; The Bum Magnet, Got a Right to Be Wrong
Mark C. Collins; Grandma Stinks!, Ben’s Day
Donna Day, The Making of a Heartbeat: One Woman’s Journey Through IVF and Beyond
Tracey DeBrew; Searching for Sula, Sex & Sandwiches
Bermesola M. Dyer, Getting Past the Ugly Through the Beauty of Self Love: 30 Devotions for Higher Self Esteem
Laura Eckroat; The Life of Bud, A Simpler Time, Went Out to Get a Donut
Patricia Edwards, Are You As Close To God As You Are To My Bumper
Dick Ellwood; Cop Stories – The Few, The Proud, The Ugly, Charm City’s Blue Justice
Vanessa Fleeton, Pushing Through the Pain to Pursue Your Purpose
Trish Foxwell, A Visitors Guide to the Literary South Historic Hotels & Hideaways
Eric Franklin, Peanut Butter Principles: 47 Leadership Lessons Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids
Dameon Gibbs; The Hole: Book One, The Anointed One: Words That Became Living Flesh
J. Otto Greiner, Light of Paris
Demetria Alexander-Grissett, In Sickness and In Health: A Journalized Account of Coping with Multiple Myeloma
Jef Harris, First Poem of Words
Kourtney Heintz, The Six Train To Wisconsin
Cheryl Holdefer, Victoria’s Run The Second Key
E.L. Jefferson; What Do You Fear? Book 1, What Do You Fear? Book 2
Daneace Terry Jeffrey; Ella and Her Bubbles, Grandma’s Two
Seth Adam Kallick, American Nightmare: A Tale of the Dead West
Leslie D. Lewis, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Support Employees: The Unofficial Handbook for Administrative Professionals and the Managers Who Manage Them
Thaddeus Logan; Hey Cabbie, Hey Cabbie II
Rita J. Lucas, Negativity Outta Here
Raleigh Mann, Jumped with Mixed Feelings – a Family Memoir
Taylor Marsh, The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen – Relationship Secrets from the Trenches
Nicole Milner, Til Death Do Us Part
Tamara Neal, The World’s Top Ten Worst Men for Women Guide
Andi O’Connor; Silevethiel, The Lost Heir, Awakening
Bajeerao Patil; Insanity Beyond Understanding, Anger Management Workbook
Andrea Reid, One Tear At A Time
Makaila Renee; The Years I’ve Cried: A Personal Memoir, Tales From the VIP Room
Richard Seldin, Pearls Beneath The Rind
David Stinson, Deadball: A Metaphysical Baseball Novel
Shelly Ellis; Can’t Stand the Heat, The Player & the Game
Christina Valenti, The Wheelbarrow Puppy Club
Gerren Vinson, Combination 2 Success
Alonza Williams; The Canary With The Broken Wing, Corroborating Witness: A Search For the Truth
D. Marietta Williams, Andrew’s Gift and the Untold Miracles in Bethlehem

Sunday, September 28
Nancy Alexander, Relentless
Ben Anderson; Into a Strange Land, Taming the Goblin, The Witch and the Waking Tree
Shirley Auguste, Bad Girl Gone Good: Learning to Trust
E.A. Aymar, I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
Jon Ballard; Year of the Poets, Somewhere Between
Tabitha Brown; Meet Maurice, Prayers of Our Children
Rick Campbell, The Trident Deception
Marjuan Canady, Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale
Jessica Childress, The Briefcase of Juris P. Prudence
Mare Cromwell, If I Gave You God’s Phone Number If I Gave You God's Phone Number....: Searching for Spirituality in America
Alyscia Cunningham, Feminine Transitions: A Photographic Celebration of Natural Beauty
Ceci Giltenan; Highland Solution, Highland Courage
Bill Fortin, RedEye Fulda Cold: A War in the Cold Novel
Sharon Foster, Live Lightly: “A Summer of Poetry”
Dr. Mansur Hasib, Cybersecurity Leadership: Powering the Modern Organization
Rachel Hennick, Ghetto Medic
Kelly Ann Jacobson; Cairo in White, Dreamweaver Road, Answers I’ll Accept: True Accounts of Online Dating
Susan Jimison, Dear Mark
Antonia Kilday, Love like Fall
Nanette Kirk; Familiar Strangers, Changing Faces
Jennifer Lawrence, The Sassy Seven: Comprehension Strategies
M.J. Livingston, Ten Commandments of Financial Awareness
Christopher Mannino, School of Deaths
Barbara Mathias-Riegel, Curtain Calls
William McCauley, Guardian Angel
Beverly Ann Menke, The Smell of Sugarcane
Katrina Moore, So Long Gnop-Jiye
Kennedy Streath, Roman (Saints & Sinners)
Jonathan Nordstrom, Sometimes Sleep
Jim Phillips, The Key to Life: Living in Full Expression
Chaz Pitts-Kyser, Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After College
Kenrya Rankin Naasel, Bet on Black: African-American Women Celebrate Fatherhood in the Age of Barack Obama
Cherrelle Shelton; Princess Curl, Feedies
Lauren Silberman, Wicked Baltimore: Charm City Sin and Scandal
Rochelle Soetan, Tuesday Morning Love: 52 Commentaries & Weekly Affirmations to Honor the Soul Within the Soldier
Cheryl Taylor; Don’t File for Divorce Just Yet, Healing for Humanity
Eddie Washington, Pegasus: The White Man. The Red Horse. The Black Boy.
K.M. Woodard, Wizdom and Pandora: The Quest For The Blood Jewel


Friday, September 26
12:30PM Bernadette Gesser
1PM  Lorice Parker
1:30PM Andy Straka
2PM  Lozetta Hayden
3PM  Gloria Allen
3:30PM E.C. Hansen

Saturday, September 27
12:30PM Dick Ellwood
1PM  Raleigh Mann
1:30PM Laura Eckroat
2PM  Andi O’Connor
2:30PM Cheryl Holdefer
3PM  Richard Seldin
3:30PM Thaddeus Logan
4PM  Christina Valenti
4:30PM Eric Franklin
5PM  Donna Day
5:30PM Jef Harris
6PM  David Stinson
6:30PM Seth Kallick
7PM  J. Otto Greiner

Sunday, September 28
12:30PM Lauren Silberman
1PM  Ed Aymar
1:30PM Sharon Foster
2PM  Marjuan Canady
2:30PM Alyscia Cunningham
3PM  Mansur Hasib
3:30PM Jim Phillips
4PM  Kelly Jacobson
4:30PM Bill Fortin
5:30PM Beverly Ann Menke
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Stage: Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Bicentennial Plaza

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Sept 26-28, 2014
Fri & Sat: Noon - 8pm
Sun: Noon - 6pm


Baltimore Inner Harbor

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